BeyonData’s ITIL based service model ensures that IT Service availability and quality are increased by amalgamating Incident, Change and Problem Management.


ITIL is amalgamating Incident, Change and Problem Management, to ensure that IT Service availability and quality are increased.

  • I ncident Management

    When a service is disrupted, for whatever reason, the Incident Management Team is the first to act. It is in charge of identifying the point of failure, addressing it immediately and quickly restoring it to its original function, with minimal impact on the business.

    Our team of experts is alert, dedicated and forever prepared to make the restoration of your failures, at any given point in time.

  • Change Management

    The introduction of anything new takes a certain amount of time and needs some processing. Change Management is the management of an authorized introduction of either an entirely new system or an updation to the existing system into the business.

    We at BeyonData are experienced with planned and unplanned both kinds of changes. This enables us to be prepared for anything you give us!

  • Problem Management

    Problem Management is ultimately identifying the root cause of a recurring problem and eliminating it in such a way that it doesn’t crop up again. This particular part of our service offerings, deals with the lifecycle of problems and aims to eradicate it, instead of offering solutions to defend it.

    With years of skill and expertise, Problem Management becomes easy for us.


Tiered Delivery

We at BeyonData believe in a Tiered System to deliver our top quality services. Our hierarchy has a 3-tier system, wherein our junior-most employees will be handed with the problem at hand and ascend to the senior-most professional.


Delivery Management

Our team offers systematic, organized and absolutely error-free delivery options for your comfort and ease. Our delivery management is a three point contact.

  • Primary SME

    Our Primary or Lead SME is your main point of contact, the face of our company for our clients, as far as tech aspects are concerned. He is the one who handles all your technical needs, looks after your requirements, conveys your opinions and suggestions to the team and acts as a mediator between the client and the tech team. He is the one who sends and receives technical aspects of the service. The Lead SME is also in charge of escalating certain issues and educating the team. He is also the crisis manager in dire times.

  • Service Delivery Manager

    Our Service Delivery Manager is someone who looks after the qualitative needs of your project. He innovates constantly and consistently, ensuring that the services reach the clients with minimum effort and maximum quality.

  • Account Manager

    Our Account Manager is an all-in-one expert, who liaisons with the clients, manages their accounts, keeps updated on the upkeep of each client and also looks after branding and marketing of our products and services.

Remote and Onsite Service

At BeyonData, we believe in putting the client’s need above all else. And if it means having to visit the client frequently to discuss and work on ther project, we’ll be more than happy to do that as well. Alternatively, we also have a brilliantly organized and well placed remote working system, wherein our clients will get 24x7 support from a dedicated team, minus any hindrances.

Service Level Agreement

A brilliant way to maintain client relationships, this aspect of our service offerings enables clients to count on BeyonData in their hour of need. We make it our duty and passion to protect your data and nurture it with our skill set, offering every protection we can to it.

Category Description
Priority 1 Code Red! This is an emergency that must be dealt with immediately. A potential Production Outage can be anticipated.
Priority 2 Code Blue! In this situation, there has been a problem, the solution of which is extremely crucial. However, the functioning of the business still continues inspite of it. A significant impact can be anticipated.
Priority 3 Code Yellow! Low impact, however, solution needs to be quick so as to not let this slip into Code Blue or Red.
Change Request Enables businesses to introduce a new change or an update to their production, in a systematic and approved manner.
Service Request When business authorities require change in development/UAT

Monitoring and Ticketing

As the name suggests, our expert monitoring tool will be forever vigilant in proactively supervising your database, automatically and effortlessly. In case of the slightest distruption, this tool will waste no time in letting the ticketing tool know of a problem. Owing to its highly capable reactive qualities, the problem will be notified of as soon as it takes place and with immediate effect, will be addressed with utmost attention.