We help administer your IT infrastructure like no other! Whether it be a threatening collapse or a minor shift, we’re there to provide quick solutions.

How do we do this? We have a dedicated, round the clock team of SMEs at your service always – we’re your security guards, when it comes to dealing with your precious production environment.

Here are some of the things we offer

Database Design

Just like it sounds, when you get your database designed with us, we provide you with logical parameters and a physical manifestation of how your data will run. You get a detailed data model from us, sectioned as:

  • Indexing
  • Partitioning
  • Archiving
  • Auditing
  • Tablespaces
  • Materialized Views


The implementation phase is where you install the DBMS on the required hardware, optimize the database to run best on that hardware and software platform, and create the database and load the data. Under this, we help you with:

  • Installation of Database Server and Client
  • Configuration of Database Auditing
  • Installation, Configuration, and Administration of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Sharding.
  • Installation, Configuration, and Administration of Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Database appliance.
  • Database Upgradation / Migration
  • Configuration of Grid Infrastructure
  • Configuration of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) with Cloud Control Installation
  • Configuration and Administration of GoldenGate and Dataguard
  • Configuration of PostgreSQL replication

Productionize (Proactive and Reactive Data monitoring, automation)

The BeyonData production team makes it easy to proactively monitor the health and performance of your database by use of third party and inbuilt tools and scripts. We give you all-round supervision and control, with the following services:

  • Check filesystem space usage
  • Check the health of cluster
  • Review grid infrastructure alert log file
  • Review database alert log file
  • Review listener log file
  • Clean up and archive old logs
  • Check ASM disk group space usage
  • Check FRA space usage
  • Check archived redo log file destination space usage
  • Check tablespace space usage
  • Check the growth of data volume
  • Check database user account status
  • Check for INVALID database objects
  • Review database parameters
  • Check the status of all targets in OEM cloud control

Production Support

Here, we focus on the physical aspects of database administration such as database installation, configuration, patching, upgrades, backups, restores, refreshes, performance optimization, maintenance and disaster recovery. We do this, by offering you the following services:

  • L1-L4 Troubleshooting
  • Memory Management
  • Space Management
  • Segment Management
  • Security Management
  • User Management
  • Privilege Management
  • Role Management
  • Profile Management

Backup and Recovery Management

Whether it is a catastrophic failure or a minor one, we are fully equipped to save your data from any harm that may befall. We understand how important your precious database is. We use the following techniques to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

  • Define comprehensive backup strategy
  • Configure Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • Schedule RMAN Backups
  • Review RMAN backup logs
  • Validate RMAN backups
  • Delete obsolete RMAN backups
  • Delete expired RMAN backups
  • Perform Media Recovery
  • Configure and Schedule Data Pump Export
  • Review Data Pump logs
  • Mongodump

Performance Management

We at BeyonData, believe in serious and strict performance management. We use the following tools, to ensure that the database is replete of any mistakes or errors and the work runs smoothly. Our reviews are timely and frequent.

  • Generate and Review AWR / ADDM / ASH / STATSPACK Report
  • Application Tuning / SQL Tuning
  • Instance Tuning
  • PGA Tuning
  • I/O Tuning
  • Managing System and Optimizer Statistics
  • SQL Performance Management
  • SQL Plan Management Check the accuracy of optimizer statistics for application tables and indexes
  • Find tables with chained and/or migrated rows

Patching (Security, Adhoc)

PSU and adhoc patches to overcome database bugs or errors