BeyonData is solely into IT Infrastructure Administration services. We understand the importance of your production system and business continuity. And so we choose to optimize it, secure it and ensure that none of the element be it database, OS, network, hardware causes hindrance in the process.

We passionately work, day and night to make sure your production environment is working smoothly and safely.

With experts that come with an experience of over a decade, our team is a brilliant setup brimming with freshness and talent apart from an innate liking for dbms.

We answer your questions, solve your problems, respond to queries and manage emergencies.

Why Us?

At BeyonData, we are young, ambitious, experienced and pumped with adrenaline, raring to go. We’re a bunch of subject matter experts who can skilfully manage your production environment and execute trouble-shooting operations with ease. Not just that, we also provide excellent corporate training modules too. We’re literally your one-stop shop for all your IT infrastructure services needs.

About the Founder

A trained IT professional, Prajapati worked in the United States of America for 3 years, managing databases of companies like Deutsche Bank, CVS Healthcare etc. There are those who make their passion, their profession. But for Dipesh, it was the other way round. Managing databases of mammoth companies, day in and day out made this young, fiery professional extremely passionate about this particular sector. He delved deeper into the subject over the years. Familial commitments brought him back to India, where Prajapati, now armed with extraordinary knowhow about the subject and a team of SMEs, started BeyonData. A young and fresh company, that aims to breathe in some fresh air into a field less tread upon.